• Kaitlyn O’Neal deposited Exploring the Contraception Information Behaviors of Young Adults in Their 20s in the group Group logo of CityLISCityLIS on Humanities Commons 2 months, 1 week ago

    This dissertation focuses on the contraception information behaviors of young adults in their 20s in order to evaluate which factors cause this age group to identify an information need, what sources they use to conduct information searches, and how they decide when to end an information search. This dissertation met its research aims by conducting a thorough review of relevant studies alongside a survey. The research findings indicated that: (1) people in their 20s primarily want information about side effects and conduct their search mostly by consulting online medical sources or medical professionals, and (2) contraception information searches by people in their 20s are instigated by dissatisfaction with current contraceptive methods and are concluded when their specific questions have been answered. The main conclusions drawn from this research were that people in their 20s have specific contraception information needs different from those of younger age groups, that this age group views medically-associated information as both the most trustworthy and the most useful, and that although their information search is often frustrating, their information needs are still mostly satisfied. This dissertation recommends that more medically-associated information about contraceptive side effects should be readily available online to meet the needs of this age demographic, and that medical professionals should do more to support people in this age group in their search for contraception information.