God(s), humans, animals, nature (1-4 CE): Classics, Early Christianity, Ancient Philosophy, Middle/Neoplatonism, Second Sophistic, Ancient Reception of Texts.

My research centers around religious and intellectual history of the Roman empire during approximately the 1-4 centuries C.E. My focus is on “pagan” and Christian interaction, in Middle and Neoplatonic authors who discuss the human and animal souls and their relation to the divine. Outside of philosophical texts, I am also interested in intellectual and rhetorical writings of the empire and how these sources portray religion as well as ethnographic representations of peoples, animals, and cultures perceived to be outside of Greco-Roman culture.


D.Phil. student in Theology and Religion (University of Oxford)

M.A. in Classics (University of Iowa, 2019)

M.A. in Religious Studies (Lenoir-Rhyne University, 2016)

B.A. in Classics (UNC Asheville, 2014).

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