My driving passions are innovative research on religion and literature in antiquity, knowledge exchange through academic publication and public scholarship, and support for learners in higher education.

I am a researcher of religious literature in Mediterranean antiquity, specializing in early Christianity. My PhD is from the University of Edinburgh, where I wrote my doctoral thesis on authorship of written texts in gospel literature from the first and second centuries. My most recently published work has been featured in the peer-reviewed Journal for the Study of the New Testament. I have also written blog posts on my research and have been honored to serve on committees that promote knowledge exchange in public forums. Top conferences in the field are regular venues for my academic work, and I equally relish invitations to present for university lectures and public events. My professional experience includes employment in a variety of university settings beyond research, including teaching and administrative positions. Additionally, I’ve played active roles in publishing as an editorial assistant, on the university side and on the publishing house side through employment with Bloomsbury Publishing.

In all of these settings, I am committed to high quality scholarship in an inclusive and collaborative international network and am inspired toward this by research experience in the UK, the US, and Germany. I firmly believe that truly great scholarship results in transformative experiences for students in the classroom and relevant public engagement for the world beyond the academy.

Regular updates on my work and research can also be found on Twitter: @JuliaLindenlaub.


PhD, New Testament & Christian Origins
University of Edinburgh, UK
Thesis Title: “The Beloved Disciple as Interpreter and Author of Scripture in the Gospel of John”
Supervisors: Prof Helen K. Bond and Prof Paul Foster

Erasmus+ Exchange Research
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
Institut für antikes Judentum und hellenistische Religionsgeschichte
Supervisor: Prof Dr Michael Tilly
Sep-Dec 2017

MA, New Testament
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA
Thesis Title: “The Use of Scripture in the Fourth Gospel: Outlining Paradigm of Scriptural Function in John 9 and 12:37-41”
Supervisor: Dr Joshua W. Jipp
Prof Ludvig J. Pederson Award Winner for Master’s Thesis in New Testament
Summa cum laude

BA, Biblical Studies
Biola University, USA
Summa cum laude


Peer-Reviewed Journal Article:

“The Gospel of John as Model for Literate Authors and Their Texts in Epistula Apostolorum and Apocryphon of James (I,2),” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 43/1 (2020): 3-27.

Digital Media Blog Contributions:

“J. Louis Martyn: Fifty Years On–A ‘Two-Level Drama’ of Scriptural Interpretation in John 9,” Centre for the Study of Christian Origins Blog, 7 January 2019

“A Tale of Tübingen: Reflections on an Erasmus Exchange,” Centre for the Study of Christian Origins Blog, 24 January 2018

“What is ‘Gospel Textualization?’ Navigating Media Studies and the Gospels,” Centre for the Study of Christian Origins Blog, 15 February 2017


Current Research:

My thesis presents the Beloved Disciple’s interpretation and authorship of “scriptural” text as impetus for the Gospel of John’s emphasis on its written medium. This research prompted a comparison of emphases on authorship and textuality in GJohn with counterparts in Epistula Apostolorum and Apocryphon of James, which has recently been published in the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Upcoming Presentations:

Bible and Religions of the Ancient Near East Collective
Online, 17 Dec 2020
Invited Inaugural Speaker: “PhD Spotlight: The Beloved Disciple as Interpreter and Author of Scripture in the Gospel of John”

Select Past Presentations:

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting
San Diego, California, 23-26 Nov 2019
Paper Title: “The ‘Beloved Author’: Johannine Interpretation of Scripture and the Beloved Disciple”

British New Testament Conference
Liverpool Hope University, England, 5-7 Sep 2019
Paper Title: “Disciple Authors and Their Texts: A Johannine Model for Competitive Authorial Claims in Epistula Apostolorum and Apocryphon of James

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado, 17-20 Nov 2018
Paper Title: “‘Seeing Glory’ as the Origin of Sacred Text: Authorship and Textuality in the Gospel of John”

University of Edinburgh Biblical Studies Research Seminar
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 19 Oct 2018
Paper Title: “The Beloved Disciple Portrayed Through the Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John”

British New Testament Conference
St Mary’s University, Twickenham, England, 6-8 Sep 2018
Paper Title: “Interpreting Scripture and Composing Scripture: Applying Citational Structure to the Beloved Disciple”

Englisch-Deutschen Kolloquium für Neues Testament
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, 5 Dec 2017
Paper Title: “Citation of Isaiah in John 12:37-41: ‘Prophetic Voice’ and the Johannine Use of Scripture”

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts, 18-21 Nov 2017
Paper Title: “‘Introducing ‘Media Awareness’: Discerning Authorial Construal of Early Christian Media Culture, One Gospel at a Time”

Centro Italiano di Studi Superiori sulle Religioni Annual Meeting
Bertinoro, Italy, 28-30 Sep 2017
Paper Title: “‘New Methods in Gospel Research: Using Media Studies to Compare Gospel Authors’ Construals of Their First Century Media World”

British New Testament Conference
St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland, 31 Aug-2 Sep 2017
Paper Title: “Scripture as Text: Exploring a New Perspective on John’s Use of Scripture in the ‘Remembrance’ Citations of 2:17 and 12:15″


Bible and the Religions of the Ancient Near East Collective (BRANE)
British New Testament Society (BNTS)
Centre for the Study of Christian Origins (CSCO)
European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS)
Advance HE (HEA)
North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL)
Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

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