I am a historian of 20th-century France, with a special interest in cultural and gender history, and more recently in the history of health and medicine. I have published on such topics as the collaborationist press, 1940-1944, and its rehabilitation after the war; the obsessions of early to mid-twentieth-century physical culturists with masculinity, eugenics and national decline; and on aspects of the interwar radical right. I am currently working on a social and cultural history of natural health cures in early to mid 20th-century France, the cultural work of physicians, the presentation of science and medicine at the 1937 Paris world’s fair, and the emergence of self-help literature across the century.


1998. PhD in History, University of Cambridge (St John’s College)

1991. BA (Hons) History and English, with French (First class), University of Western Australia

Other Publications

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Blog Posts


    My current monograph project explores the history of natural health cures in early to mid-century France. I am also liaising with other scholars on projects on medical doctors and persuasion, and on the relationship between masculinity and politics.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    8-9 July 2019. ‘”Hitler’s lawyer”: the Franco-German youth camp of Marcel Ribardiere, 1937’, paper to be delivered at the annual conference for the Society for the Study of French History, University of Leeds

    18 January 2019. ‘Napoleon III: ambition, exile and the English’, Annual Local History lecture, Hampshire Field Club, Hampshire Record Office, 7.30pm.

    29 October 2018. ‘The Cult of Napoleon in modern France’, Bournemouth Historical Association, 7.30pm.

    2 October 2018. Chair, CHLS workshop on ‘Doctors and Persuasion’ organised by Dr Catherine Kelly, University of Bristol Law School, Lady Hale Moot Court, 8-10 Berkeley Square, 3.00-5.30pm. http://www.bristol.ac.uk/law/events/2018/chls-workshop-doctors-and-persuasion.html




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