• Forvm MMX is an interdisciplinary team whose members come from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., conservation, topography, biology, computer science, public dissemination, education), and whose work will offer open-access results in a digital format to other researchers and educators interested in a holistic global analysis of the documentation generated by an archaeological excavation. Since 2011, Forvm MMX received a total of €1.1 million in funding from the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport of Andalusia to hire these specialists and to develop digital techniques. Our project has developed since its initial seasons. Upon reflection on the inner workings of how archaeological information is recorded at all phases of research, we felt it was necessary to develop a unique recording system. This system, named “Imilké” (for the princess of Cástulo), has been designed so that information derived from archaeological excavation
    is simplified and rationalized.