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    Born in Brunswick, Maine and educated at Wesleyan University, and the University of Southern California, I’ve long been invested in the technical side of digital scholarship.  I’ve worked in the information technology departments of a number of academic institutions and as a freelancer across the globe specializing in the support of digital media.  Past projects have included the production and filming of a documentaries for the Mellon Foundation and Bowdoin College. Having often found myself acting as a gateway between people and their access to machines, I’ve become fascinated in how the user experience of various platforms have collectively begun to program those who use them, rather than the other way around.            
                In my own academic work, I’m interested in the use of technology to reinvigorate and assist analog areas of study, as well as find within the code new sites of critical inquiry. I’ve been recently introduced to scholarly critical remix, which has been of great help learning to navigate these new waters. My first effort in this mode was “Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan” ( ) It is an investigation of the blending of narrative between the genre of the Western with the imagery and discussion of the current conflict in Afghanistan. By incorporating footage from John Ford, Sergio Leone, and David Greenwalt, I’ve attempted to use appropriation to investigate the way in which the Western film tropes have been appropriated. I’m currently working on my senior honors thesis, a video remix of representations of blackness in American media.

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