Javier Padilla is Assistant Professor of English at Colgate University. His current research project, Decolonial Poetry and the Time of Liberation examines  the work of several 20th century poets, philosophers, artists and thinkers around the discourse of temporality—from Bachelard’s poetics of the instant, the post-romantic exploration of temporality in the poetry of Wallace Stevens, the poetics of subjectivity in Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop, W.B. Yeats’s and Derek Walcott’s postcolonial explorations of modernity and coloniality, to the philosopher Aníbal Quijano’s critique of Anglo-European historicism. This project’s operative hypothesis is that as a literary mode the poetics of the instant affords novel ways of conceptualizing poetic mediation, individuation, and literary representation beyond the strictures of standardized national, chronological, and critical protocols. His articles and translations have appeared in The Capilano Review, Literary Imagination, Revista Iberoamericana, The Journal of Modern Literature, and Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos.


Ph.D. in English, Princeton University, 2017.

M.A. in English, Princeton University, 2013

B.A. in English, Colgate University, Magna cum laude — High Honors, 2010.

Other Publications


“Between Politics and Exoticism: Towards a Re-Evaluation of Tropical Town and Other Poems,” in Revista Iberoamericana (Forthcoming).

“Yeats’s Meditative Spaces: Between Modernity and Coloniality,” in Journal of Modern Literature. Vol. 41, No. 4 (Summer 2018), pp. 107-124.

“CMR en el Intecna,” in Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos. no. 740 (Feb. 2012) pp. 51-54. Print.

“The Rhythmic Course,” in The Capilano Review 3.25 (Winter 2015). Print.

Book Chapters

“The Gothic Third World: Photography and the Poetics of Exclusion,” in Thinking in Constellations: Walter Benjamin in the Humanities. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017. Print.

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