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    This booklet serves as documentation and manual for the app Creative Museum, the new participatory platform of the Badisches Landesmuseum. The goal of the app is to create a digital space for debate. Museum employees, experts and citizens are invited to get into conversation with each other and share their contributions on equal terms. The topics are discussed in time-limited campaigns that start with a question and can be designed flexibly. Each campaign consists of an open feed, in which all interested parties can create their own posts or respond to existing ones. A thematic collection is then created from the posts over the course of the campaign, which is archived at the end and and will continue to be available. The Creative Museum can be used both mobile and stationary. In contrast to the analog museum, it is open everywhere and at all times. Users can access it at home, on the road, and at any location, and directly participate in discussions – the museum as an open network in which participation is not only possible, but the core of the experience.