• Johannes Bernhardt deposited Das Nikemonument von Samothrake und der Kampf der Bilder in the group Group logo of Ancient Greece & RomeAncient Greece & Rome on Humanities Commons 3 years, 6 months ago

    The Nike monument of Samothrace is one of the most important works of ancient sculpture. Since its discovery in 1863 it has always had a special appeal for modern viewers, but a deeper understanding of its historical significance is still a problem: if consensus could be reached quickly on the fundamental classification of the Nike statue in the Hellenistic period, the proposals for a more precise dating of the monument fluctuated by centuries; even the idea widespread in the 20th century that the Nike monument had been erected by the Rhodians on the occasion of their sea victories in 190 BC has been repeatedly questioned in recent years. Therefore, this study undertakes a new attempt at historical contextualization by systematically working through the complicated research debate, reconnecting the viable evidence with the historical context, and incorporating the original setting in the sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace. As a result, a new understanding of the Nikemonument as a work of the Diadoch period and as a beacon in a protracted struggle of images emerges.