PhD, Near and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Washington

MA, Turkish, University of Oslo

Cand.mag., Political Science and Turkish, University of Oslo



In English

Parslow, Joakim. 2018. “Jurists of War and Peace: Sıddık Sami Onar (1898-1972) and Ali Fuad Başgil (1893-1967) on Law and Prerogative in Turkey.” International Journal of Middle East Studies 50 (1): 45–64.

Parslow, Joakim. “Rupture and Repair: Military Courts and the Turkish Court of Jurisdictional Conflict.” Research and Policy on Turkey 3, no. 1 (2018): 1–17.

Parslow, Joakim. 2018. “The Electronic Brain: A Missing Link in Turkish Science Fiction.” In Building Bridges to Turkish: Essays in Honour of Bernt Brendemoen, 225–44. Turcologica 116. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

Parslow, Joakim. 2016. “Theories of Exceptional Executive Powers in Turkey, 1933-1945.” New Perspectives on Turkey 55 (November): 29–54.

Parslow, Joakim. 2009. “Notions of Nation: Phraseology and Ideology in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.” In Turcological Letters to Bernt Brendemoen, edited by Éva Á. Csató, Gunvald Ims, Joakim Parslow, Finn Thiesen, and Emel Türker, 239–57. Oslo: Novus.

Parslow, Joakim. 2007. “Turkish Political Parties and the European Union: How Turkish MPs Frame the Issue of Adapting to EU Conditionality.” 2007/7. Oslo: ARENA Centre for European Studies.

In Norwegian

Parslow, Joakim. 2013. “Egypts Kamp Om Loven.” Babylon, no. 1.

Parslow, Joakim. 2012. “Politikk og kriminalitet i det nye Tyrkia.” Babylon, no. 2: 107–19.

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