MA (Archaeology) – University of Oulu, Finland, 2008

PhD (Archaeology) – University of Ouly, Finland, 2013

Other Publications

Some chosen publications:

Hakonen, A., Hakamäki, V. & Kuusela, J.-M. 2017.

Observing social change on the Bothnian Bay coast in the 1st millennium BC: The case study of Tahkokangas and the Oulu River estuary. Assemblage 2017: 15–27.

Kuusela, J.-M., Nurmi, R. & Hakamäki, V. 2016

Co-existence and colonization. Re-assessing the settlement history of the pre-Christian Bothnian Bay coast. Norwegian Archaeological Review 49 (2): 177–203.

Hakonen, A., Kuusela, J.-M. & Okkonen, J. 2015

Assessing the application of laser scanning and 3D inspection in the study of prehistoric cairn sites: the case study of Tahkokangas, Northern Finland. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2: 227–234.

Kuusela, J.-M. 2014

From coast to inland – activity zones in Northern Finland during the Iron Age.

In Ahola, J., Frog & Tolley, C. (eds.). Fibula, Fabula, Fact. The Viking Age in Finland. Studia Fennica Historica 18. SKS, Helsinki: 19–241.

Hakamäki, V. & Kuusela, J.-M. 2013

Examining the topography and social context of Metal Age artefact finds in Northern Finland. Fennoscandia Archaeologica 30: 95–106.

Kuusela, J.-M. 2012b

Tools of lethal play – weapon burials reflecting power structures and group cohesion during the Iron Age in Ostrobothnia, Finland. In Berge, R., Jasinski, M. & Sognees, K. (eds.). N-TAG TEN, the Proceedings of the 10th Nordic TAG Conference at Stiklestad, Norway 2009. BAR S2399. Archaeopress, Oxford: 275–289.

Kuusela, J.-M. 2012a.

Style as distinction – burials reflecting distinction and the development of social stratification of the Iron Age elites of Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. In Äikäs, T., Lipkin, S. & Salmi, A.-K. (eds.). Archaeology of Social Relations: Ten Case Studies by Finnish Archaeologists. Studia Humaniora Ouluensia 12. University of Oulu, Oulu: 155–180.

Kuusela, J.-M., Vaneeckhout, S. & Okkonen, J. 2010

Places of importance and social communication: studying the Pre-Roman cairn field of Viirikallio in Laihia, Finland. Estonian Journal of Archaeology 14(1): 22–39.

Kuusela, J.-M. 2009

Masters of the burial grounds – elites, power and ritual during the Middle Iron Age in Vähäkyrö. Fennoscandia Archaeologica 26: 39–52.



Current project: The northern dimension of the Baltic Trade Network, 12th to 16th centuries AD

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