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      I am a historian of modern East-Central Europe, specializing in the Habsburg Empire, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia. I also study the history of treason with a particular focus on Eastern Europe


      I completed my BA and PhD in History at the University of Leeds (1988)



      * The Undermining of Austria-Hungary: The Battle for Hearts and Minds (Palgrave MacMillan, 2000; reissued in new edition 2018)

      * The Devil’s Wall: The Nationalist Youth Mission of Heinz Rutha (Harvard UP, 2012)

      Edited books:

      * The Last Years of Austria-Hungary: A Multi-National Experiment in Early Twentieth-Century Europe (Exeter, 2002)

      * Czechoslovakia in an Age of Nationalism and Fascism (Oxford, 2007) [with R.J. W. Evans]

      *Sacrifice and Rebirth: The Legacy of the Last Habsburg War (Berghahn, 2016) [with John Paul Newman]

      *Sarajevo 1914: Sparking the First World War (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020).

      Recent articles:

      ‘Traitors and the Meaning of Treason in Austria-Hungary’s Great War’, TRHS XXV (2015): 113-34.

      ‘Loyalty and Treason in Late Habsburg Croatia: A Violent Political Discourse before the First World War’, in Jana Osterkamp and Martin Schulze Wessel (eds), Exploring Loyalty (Goettingen, 2017), 97-120.

      ‘Treason in an Era of Regime Change: The Case of the Habsburg Monarchy’, Austrian History Yearbook, 50 (2019): 124-49.

      ‘The Flickering Lighthouse: Rethinking the British Judgement on Trianon’, Hungarian Historical Review, 9/1 (2020): 5-27.



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        * Currently writing a history of Treason in the Age of Franz Joseph 1848-1918, for Oxford University Press

        * Editing with Pieter M. Judson, The Cambridge History of the Habsburg Monarchy, vol. 2: 1790-1918

        * Research into Croatian Lawyers, 1900-1940, as part of a Croatian Science Foundation project, with P.I. Professor Iskra Iveljic (University of Zagreb)

        *Ongoing book project on Bohemian Queers 1900-1940 – LGBT case-studies from the Bohemian lands and Czechoslovakia.



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