• Jaroslaw Kapuscinski deposited Noh as Intermedia: A Web-Based Publication and Research Environment on Humanities Commons 2 years, 11 months ago

    The presentation introduces the website “Noh as Intermedia”, not only to consider Noh theater as a genre of interactions of visual, textual, and aural media but also as a new form of digital publication and research strategies. Challenging the common formats of publications about Noh that adhere to the tradition of text-based linear arguments and often focus on a chosen layer of the experience, the website analyzes Noh plays as intermedia and illustrates its points with video. Links within the analytical text update the time location of the video to show the discussed fragment. Performance style and nuances of expressive inflections are revealed by instant (“side-by-side”) comparison of analogous but contrasting materials between two plays. The network of materials also includes the introduction to Noh elements, catalogs of musical and movement patterns, interactive libretto, notation of intermedia layers, and clickable formal graphs. The interactivity and non-linearity of the website encourage exploration of multiple formal levels and with a depth that matches the interests of the reader. As such, the environment can serve as an educational as well as a research tool idiomatic for intermedia and Noh.