Jim Clifford is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan. He researches environmental and urban historian of Britain and the British World during the long nineteenth century. Using digital methods including historical GIS and text mining, he explores the industrialization in Greater London and global commodities. He is currently focused on ecological limits to industrial growth and how British industry came to rely on overseas “ghost acres” to maintain growth during the nineteenth century.


Jim Clifford, West Ham and the River Lea: A Social and Environmental History of London’s Industrialized Marshland, 1839-1914Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2017.



PhD, History, York University, Toronto, 2011

MA, History, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, 2004

BA, History, Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, 2003

Other Publications

Jim Clifford, “London’s Soap Industry and the Development of Global Ghost Acres in the Nineteenth Century,” Environment and Historypre-copyediting version accepted 29-01-2019.

Colleen Beard, Daniel Macfarlane, Jim Clifford, “Mapping the Welland Canals and the St. Lawrence Seaway with Google Earth,” Historical GIS research in Canada, B. Jennifer, & M. Fortin, eds., (University of Calgary Press,  2014): 27-42.

Jim Clifford, Photo Essay ‘The Urban Periphery and the Rural Fringe: West Ham’s Hybrid Landscape,’ Left History, vol. 13, no. 1 (Spring Summer, 2008), 129-142.



Collaborative research project: Commerce impérial et transformations environnementales: la formation des hectares fantômes dans la vallée laurentienne, 1763-1918 (SSHRC Insight Grant with  Stéphane Castonguay, UQTR, Michèle Dagenais, Université de Montreal, and Colin Coates, York University)

Book project: Greater London’s Ghost Acres, 1772-1918

Public History Project: ActiveHistory.ca

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