Musicologist, professor and music festival manager. Born in Úbeda (Spain) in 1977. He completed his musical studies in the Úbeda, Jaén and Granada conservatoires, and his musicological ones in the last city, where he obtained his PhD in 2007 with a thesis on the musical relations between Spain and the New World through Mexico Cathedral during the colonial period (Cum laude, European Doctorate, Extraordinary Award). Since 2007 he works as lecturer at the University of Jaen, where teaches Music History, being invited as professor in several Master programmes both in Spain and abroad.

He has received fellowships of the Consejería de Cultura of Junta de Andalucía, Ministries of Education, Foreing Affairs and Innovation of Spain, Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico and Caja Madrid Foundation. He has published articles in journals such as Historia Mexicana, Sacred music, Heterofonía, Early Music, Música y Educación, Revista de Musicología and Eufonía, among others, as well as several chapter books in collected monographs edited by La Rioja, Granada, UNAM and Cambridge universities presses. He published his two-volumen monograph Los libros de polifonía de la Catedral de México. Estudio y catálogo crítico (coedited by the Spanish Musicological Society and the University of Jaen Press, 2012) and Espacio, sonido y afectos en la Catedral de Jaén (University of Seville-CICUS, 2014), an anthology of pieces by Juan Manuel de la Puente, chapelmaster at Jaén cathedral (with José Antonio Gutiérrez). He is also coeditor of extensive anthologies of essays on Iberian and Latin American musics, Musicología global, musicología local (Spanish Musicological Society, 2013), Músicas coloniales a debate. Procesos de intercambio euroamericanos (ICCMU, 2018), El villancico en la encrucijada (Reichenberger, 2019; coed. with Esther Borrego) De Nueva España a México: el universo musical mexicano entre centenarios (1517-1917) (International University of Andalusia, 2020), and En, desde y hacia las Américas: música y migraciones transoceánicas (Dykinson, 2021; coed. with Victoria Eli and Belén Vega Pichaco). He and American musicologist Drew Edward Davies launched ‘Ignacio Jerusalem (1707–1769): Obras selectas – Selected Works’, an ongoing series of critical performance scores issued by Madrid’s Dairea Ediciones. He is also responsible for Latin American contents in the digital platform Books of Hispanic Polyphony IMF-CSIC: A Catalog of Books of Spanish and New World Polyphonic Music in Context, founded and directed by Emilio Ros-Fábregas [https://hispanicpolyphony.eu].

Dr. Marín-López has completed several research stays in Mexico (Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa and Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Musical “Carlos Chávez” of Mexico City) and, as Visiting Scholar, in the cities of Cambridge, UK (University of Cambridge, Faculty of Music, 2006), Dublin (Trinity College, 2008), Chicago (Northwestern University, 2010) and Lisboa (Universidade Nova, CESEM, 2016). He has presented his work in more than twenty countries, including almost all in Latin America. Between 2013 and 2021 he served as editor-in-chief of the Revista de Musicología, the journal of the Spanish Musicological Society, of which he is Vice-President. He is adviser of several publishers and musicology journals and is member of the editorial board of Cuadernos de Iconografía Musical (UNAM). Besides, he is artistic director of the Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza (FeMAUB), which has been turned into a space to transfer of musicological research specialized on the recovery of the musical heritage of Spain and Latin America. From the festival the cooperation among musicologists, researchers, and performers is promoted through the preparation of new programmes and recordings of ineditous repertoires. He is consultant member of the New Grove Dictionary of Music of Musicians subcommittee for the 17th century. He is part of two I+D+i research projects of the Spanish Government and member of the Spanish Association of Americanists, Spanish Musicological Society, American Musicological Society, International Musicological Society. Additionally it is member of the Regional Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ARLAC/IMS), the Study Group “Music and American Studies” (MUSAM/SEdeM), and the Music Division of the Instituto de Estudios Giennenses (County Council of Jaen).

He received the 2010 Latin American Musicology Award “Samuel Claro Valdés” from the Instituto de Música of the Catholic University of Chile, and the following year he was recognised with a Diploma of Scientific Divulgation by the University of Jaen for his work as programmer of the Early Music Festival of Ubeda & Baeza. En 2021 he was condecorated with the Medalla al Mérito by the Real Academia de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias de Granada.

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