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Clark, James. 2023. Odysseus’ Entrance at Sophocles’ Philoctetes 974. Acta Classica 66, pp. 176-185. DOI.

Clark, James T. 2022. Euripides’ Phoenissae and Summoned Entrances in Greek Tragedy. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 62(3), pp. 263-279. Published (OA) Version.

Clark, James T. 2022. Extrametrical NAI and EIEN in Greek Tragedy. Classical Philology 117(2), pp. 399-410. DOI. OA Version.

Clark, James T. 2021. Off-Stage Cries? The Performance of Sophocles’ Philoctetes 201–218, Trachiniae 863–870, and Euripides’ Electra 747–760. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 111, pp. 79-99. OA Version.

Clark, James T. 2021. Penthemimeral Elision in Tragic Trimiters. Philologus 165(2), pp. 189-204. DOI. OA Version.

Clark, James T. 2020. Reported Speech in Greek Tragedy. Illinois Classical Studies 45(1), pp. 1-24. DOIOA Version.

Clark, James T. 2019. The Skene Door in the Prologue of Sophocles’ Ajax. Mnemosyne 72(5), pp. 861-866. DOI. OA Version.

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