James Hand is a legal academic at Portsmouth Law School, Faculty of Business and Law, University of Portsmouth.  His interests are predominantly related to discrimination law, but other research interests include constitutional reform (particularly reform of the House of Lords on which he has published a several pieces) and aspects of tort law (his article on the compensation culture has been cited in a number of journal articles and textbooks as well as in the Hamlyn Law Lectures (2010) and the Master of the Rolls’s Holdsworth Lecture (2012)).

Other Publications

Publications include:

The Attorney-General, politics and logistics – a fork in the road? (2022) Legal Studies, 1-21 (First View) doi:10.1017/lst.2021.55

SLSA Blog post (with Charlotte Harrison): Diversity in the legal profession: Another landmark reached but still a long way to go (13 April 2021) http://slsablog.co.uk/blog/blog-posts/diversity-in-the-legal-profession-another-landmark-reached-but-still-a-long-way-to-go/

UKCLA Blog post: Ministerial Maternity Leave https://ukconstitutionallaw.org/2021/03/01/james-hand-ministerial-maternity-leave/

SLSA Blog post: Gender Diversity and Doctorates (14 April 2020) http://slsablog.co.uk/blog/blog-posts/gender-diversity-and-doctorates/

Snapshots on diversity in the legal academy (with Charlotte Harrison) (2019) 25(2) EJoCLI

SLSA Blog post: The REF 2021 Final Guidance on Submissions – perversity and (in)equality (22 Feb 2019) http://slsablog.co.uk/blog/blog-posts/the-ref-2021-final-guidance-on-submissions-perversity-and-inequality/

WonkHE blog post: External appointments and passport paperchases (16 Aug 2018) https://wonkhe.com/blogs/external-appointments-and-passport-paperchases/

Comment: Equality Mis-steps in the Stern Review and the Proposals for the Second Research Excellence Framework (2017) 23 EJoCLI No 2

WonkHE blog post: Equality and the REF 2021 consultation (8 Sept 2017) http://wonkhe.com/blogs/equality-and-the-ref/

SLSA Blog post: Chief Executive Pay, Gender, Statistics and a note of warning (8 Aug 2017) http://slsablog.co.uk/blog/blog-posts/chief-executive-pay-gender-statistics-and-a-note-of-warning/

Crumbling, creeping or enduring – the foundations of legal knowledge at a time of training reform (with Claire Sparrow) Amicus Curiae 104 (p.10-12)

The British Equality Act 2010 and the foundations of legal knowledge (with Bernard Davis & Charles Barker) (2015) Commonwealth Law Bulletin. 41, 1, p. 3-28

The Conversation.com: With a little more work the House of Lords could be a democratic institution (with Donal Coffey) https://theconversation.com/with-a-little-more-work-the-house-of-lords-could-be-a-democratic-institution-27489

The curious case of marriage/civil partnership discrimination in Britain (2012) International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 12, 3, p. 166-178

The compensation culture: cliché or cause for concern? (2010) Journal of Law and Society 37, 4, p. 569-591

House of Lords reform: many anniversaries and a false dichotomy? [2009] Web Journal of Current Legal Issues 4 (11pp).

Lists of publications are available at https://researchportal.port.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/james-hand(1096f75a-2240-4d77-a865-3babe14981ad)/publications.html

and at https://port.academia.edu/JamesHand

and https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Hand3

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