• Patriotism and national unity have become favorite brand positioning propositions for
    advertisers in India. The paper explores the reasons behind the popularity of these patriotic
    themes that also embrace notions of nationhood, communal harmony and national unity in
    commercials and public service advertisements. While these patriotic themes used to be the
    exclusive domain of the government media in the country, they are being taken up in a big
    way by private business houses in their public communication endeavors. The research
    study has examined six frequently telecast advertisements on Indian television networks
    centered upon the theme of national pride, communal harmony and national unity. While
    tracing the historical context of these advertisements, the paper also attempts to study their
    impact upon the public. The primary research for the study comprised interviews with
    respondents to explore the impact of these advertisements upon the public. The findings of
    the study show that positioning brands on the themes of national pride, unity and patriotism
    succeed in establishing a strong emotional connect in public minds leading to brand recall.