• This paper analyses the role of community-based media in information distribution in the
    Riverside community, a cultural tourism destination in Chanthaburi, Eastern Thailand. It
    has started to produce its own media, and to use social networks to promote itself to the
    nation. Exploring the role of community media produced by locals will reinforce the idea that
    community media have provided much more effective communication channels for local
    people in a community environment. By using ethnographic action research as a
    methodology, this research gains strength through a rich understanding of the community
    by following an ongoing research cycle of planning, doing, observing and reflecting.
    Moreover, this study reflects the idea of ‘hyperlocal’ media. With approximately one hundred
    households on which to focus, it is much easier for ‘hyperlocal’ to reach local people by
    providing local news, covering local politics and engaging people in the affairs relevant to
    their area.