• Creation and maintenance of a favourable image is an essential function of public relations
    and social media is emerging as an important weapon in this image management armoury.
    The social media environment provides an opportunity to reach out to a variety of public in
    a more intimate and interactive way especially in the case of celebrity image management.
    Social media accounts of celebrities serve as a medium to blur the boundaries between
    the public and private spheres of their lives and content posted on these accounts also
    serves as a credible source of information for mass media. Since the social media presence
    of celebrities plays a crucial role in their image creation. This paper is an attempt to
    explore the emerging trends in social media usage by celebrities. The objectives of the
    paper were to look at the Facebook usage of celebrities from different walks of life (including
    politics, sports, music, cinema and television) and analyse this usage in terms of dominant
    subject matter, presentation, language used, frequency and continuity. The method used
    was a content analysis of the Facebook accounts of celebrities for a period of one year for
    the theory purpose a total of 1469 Facebook posts for one year to provide an insight into
    social media usage in the practice of celebrity public relation and potential that lies
    untapped were analyzed.