• Jyotirmaya Patnaik deposited Bribery and Corruption among Indian Journalists:A Survey in the group Group logo of Electronic LiteratureElectronic Literature on Humanities Commons 1 year, 9 months ago

    Bribery among journalists could be seen widely in many places but is a comparatively less
    researched topic. It would be surprising for an average news consumer to know that the
    sometimes news story he reads in print or views on television might be the product of a
    bribe or some sort of incentive received by the journalist who covered that news. After all,
    we read and watch news on the sordid details of corruption in government and society in
    general through the media with such alarming alacrity, but would almost have never known
    about corruption in the media they subscribe. Moreover, when one talks about corruption
    in media, it is about how the media reports on corruption (Transparency international,
    2013) or on ‘paid news’ where the aspect of how the media establishments publish news
    after accepting monetary assistance (Press Council of India, 2010).