• In contemporary era social media and mass movement are playing a crucial role
    in global public sphere. Statistics shows that in the countries of Asian continent
    active social media penetration is flourishing with times. The paper will attempt
    to conduct an explanatory research by using analysis of Twitter Revolution (Iran),
    Umbrella Revolution (Hong Kong), Sunflower Protest (Taiwan), Shah Bag
    Movement (Bangladesh), Delhi Gang Rape Agitation (India) and Bersih Movement
    (Malaysia). In the context of theoretical framework, the paper will attempt to
    discuss public opinion of Walter Lippmann (1922), the structural transformations
    of the public sphere by Jurgen Habermas (1964), social identity model of
    deindividuation effects (SIDE) by Riecher, Spears & Postmes (1995), mediapolis
    of Roger Silverstone (2007) etc. The paper will primarily try to identify the role of
    social media in mobilizing social movement of Asian region.