• Among the emerging economies, India is the most promising market for
    Generation Y, because majority of Indian’s population belongs to this segment
    (those born between 1980 and 2000). These individuals are tech-savvy and
    extensively use mobile phones. This study aims to uncover the role of mobile
    phone that has emerged along with the evolution of Generation Y. The digitized
    consumers of this generation need to be understood in light of the importance
    of family, friends and peers. This will help us determine the purchase of products
    and brands via mobile phones while understanding the characteristics of these
    individuals. A total of 10 focus group discussions (FGDs) with 72 respondents
    were conducted in three Indian leading cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, and
    Ahmedabad. The study found that Generation Y widely use mobile phone, get
    influenced by the peers, family and friends and get involved with the brands via
    phone. Generation Y also focus on personalization, security and sharing; while
    they emerge as digital consumers.