• The retirement of Sachin Tendulkar, unarguably one of the greatest cricketers
    the world has ever witnessed, was a major landmark in the recent history of
    sport and generated a widespread media discourse across the world. This paper
    analyses how differently Indian and foreign media engaged with this celebrity
    discourse through a comparative analysis of the online editorials of three
    leading international dailies namely, The Hindu (India), The Guardian (UK) and The
    New York Times (US) during a given period. During the study, the resea rcher
    identified contrasting online editorial approaches (Indian and non-Indian
    pattern) to the treatment of Tendulkar’s retirement. The retirement articles of
    other Indian greats in these three newspapers were also analysed and compared
    with the articles on Tendulkar. A number of variables and sub-variables were
    identified and analysed to discuss the key differences in the two ‘patterns’ of
    media representation. The paper concluded that while the Indian pattern
    idolised Tendulkar and made comparisons to God; the ‘non-Indian pattern’ was
    objective and neutral.