• In 2014, the MH370, MH17 and QZ8501 flight crash tragedies become a viral issue
    and attract the attentions of media and stakeholders, globally, and raise many
    crises to the airlines companies, respectively, including the risk of losing their
    stakeholders’ trust. The study is to identify the crises management approaches
    used for the tragedies related, to analyse and compare the effectiveness of the
    crises management between two well-known airlines companies, Air Asia and
    Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Qualitative method was used to collect the data related
    to the ways that the airlines company had taken to handling the crises. So, the
    researchers conducted content analysis by studying the secondary data, due to
    the fact of the airlines reluctance to give out information about safety procedures
    or policies, as the airlines accidents are a very sensitive subject. The data are
    mostly of the documentary types in written format of press conferences, press
    releases and media coverage of the accidents by local and western daily press
    (printed and online news).