• Jyotirmaya Patnaik deposited India, Nationalism and Sedition Debate: Media Trial of JNU Outrage in the group Group logo of Electronic LiteratureElectronic Literature on Humanities Commons 1 year, 11 months ago

    The contemporary debate between patriotic nationalism and the freedom of
    expression has sparked off in the wake of JNU students’ union president arrest on
    the charges of sedition post the organization of a cultural program. The incident
    infuriated debate amongst the country’s highest intellectuals, parliamentarians,
    journalists and many others across the globe over phrases such as “Nationalism”,
    “Sedition” & “Freedom of expression” for such a vast and vibrant democracy. The
    present case study was done to emphasize comparable cases in the past and to
    help the public broaden their knowledge of the views of nationalism and the
    laws governing ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘sedition’ according to the Indian
    constitution.Through content analysis, various news articles were explored,with
    opposite standpoints, on the incident with related facts.The study aims to underline
    the difference between dissent against the ruling government and sedition that
    spells the fact that the existing colonial-era law needs to be amended.The medium
    that sustains the process of shaping and reshaping the consensus is largely
    media in its varied forms, but a medium like media shape one’s thoughts, passions,
    and aversions towards significant political and socio-cultural entities as important
    as nation or nationalism is the debate here. It is answered through the case study
    which also questions the role of a media reporting on the treatment of such
    sensitive issues like Nationalism.