• This study examines the significance and the favorability of brand placements in
    Indian film industry (Bollywood) movies that would generate revenues and reduce
    the risk of production costs for the decision makers (film production houses). A
    theoretical model built on Cue utilization theory is used to assess the number of
    brand placements in movies with respect to intrinsic and extrinsic cues. The model
    is empirically tested on a sample of top 100 Bollywood movies that were boxoffice successes during two decades (1995-2015). The findings suggest that genre
    of a movie (intrinsic cue) and star power (extrinsic cue) serve as important indicators
    in placing brands in Bollywood movies. In particular, specific genre-comedy, drama
    and romance-attract more number of brand placements, as does the starring role
    of superstars in movies.