Since I am from a Post-Academic-Post Generation, my books works are all on Amazon.
A number of my books are now available on Amazon, some of them in different editions by various presses. The following should help you sort out which, if any, you might wish to purchase.

Blame It On Blake

Memoir of my friendship with Ginsberg, Burroughs, Corso and Carr, a picaresque tale of gender vagrancy, dead languages and mystical seeking. 


Devil Girls of Ancient Rome 
An anthology of erotic poetry by Catullus, Tibullus & Propertius, along with the essay “A Psychic Geography of Masochism,” and “The Rotting Goddess,” the only comprehensive history of witchcraft in the ancient world. This volume contains all the essential material from, and supercedes, my previous books Gaius Valerius Catullus’ Complete Poetic Works and The Rotting Goddess.

From Ramses To Remus
My translations from Ancient Egyptian, made with an awareness of their African character.  Contains some of the most beautiful and amusing poems and tales of Classical Egyptian literature. There is a companion volume with my edited versions of the hieroglyphic texts.
Dante’s Purgatorio and Paradiso
All explanatory notes have been woven directly into the text. The most readable in English. For the first time it is possible in English to appreciate Dante as a great mystical epic poet like Rumi. (Note that the Purgatorio is now has maps and diagrams, the Paradiso will be this fully equipped later this year.  
 Germany, A Winter’s Tale 

my translation of Heine, a beautifully produced bilingual book from The Poet’s Press. Heine was an ideal match me in many matters of style and outlook. He remains my favorite German poet, and I hope to return to him and translate Atta Troll someday. 

The Cauldron of Prophecy
Poetry and mythology of ancient Israel. This book incorporates the full content of, and supercedes, my earlier books The Unholy Bible and Faces of God.


My Poetry:

Blurred Person Singular,  
my first book of poems, written in my twenties and thirties, an Ovidian mini epic of gender perplexity.

Bible Land Blues, 
my finest effort in verse, a post-modern tour of mythological Israel. 

A Peep Out of Me
my most recent book of poems, updated in April 2020, it is now twice the size of the previous version.

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    I have just completed art history videos for all the major illustrations to Dante’s Purgatorio and Paradiso from the fifteenth century to the present.

    I am now editing and annotating the complete plays of Dryden.

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