• Jacob Erickson deposited Irreverent Theology: On the Queer Ecology of Creation in the group Group logo of TheologyTheology on Humanities Commons 3 years, 9 months ago

    Drawing on the creativity of the nascent field of “queer ecology,” I argue for a kind of irreverent ecocriticism (Nicole Seymour) and a constructive theological posture of irreverence towards the twin metaphysical concepts of “God” and “Nature.” I do so by engaging the work of feminist philosopher of science, Karen Barad. Barad’s writing is key for enhancing and collaborating the insights of queer theory, philosophies of science, and ecology. Particularly, I stage an encounter between Barad’s concept of “posthumanist performativity” and the sixteenth-century reformer and monk Martin Luther’s peculiar understanding of the incarnation of Spirit. What emerges is a queer ecotheology where Luther’s passion for incarnation, critically informed by Barad’s work, offers the potential for a queer incarnation of divinity where that divinity is caught up—even plays several roles—in the performative indeterminacy of the earth and of the cosmos. Creation becomes Divinity in drag.