• Ian Willis deposited The Memory Landscape of the Cowpastures in memorials, monuments and murals in the group Group logo of HistoryHistory on Humanities Commons 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    All around the community in the Macarthur region are cultural artefacts that are representations of the settler-colonial narrative of the Cowpastures, which was variously a colonial frontier, a government reserve, and a formal region.
    Today, the material culture of the Cowpastures is hidden in plain sight and appears to have been ‘forgotten’ by the community. It includes roads and bridges; parks and reserves; historic sites; books, paintings and articles; conferences, seminars, and workshops; monuments, memorials and murals; community commemorations, celebrations and anniversaries; and other cultural heritage.
    The presentation will examine examples of this material culture and illustrate the multi-layered nature of the Cowpastures story for various actors. These storytellers have re-affirmed the Cowpastures settler-colonial narrative over the last two centuries and illustrated the contested nature of the Cowpastures’ memory landscape.