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    In 2023 there is a vacant lot in central Menangle with a security fence. The reconstructed hall is proposed to open in 2024. On the security fence is an information sign with the hall’s history, what is happening, funding and building timeline. The information signage on the site security fence states: The existing hall is unusable due to significant structural damage and will be deconstructed, and materials reused where possible within the new building. The hall will comfortably accommodate 132-150 guests, incorporating 242m2 of fully enclosed area, including a stage and storage area, spacious hall, kitchenette, box office and entry foyer. As well as 63m2 of unenclosed covered areas: verandas, covered entryway, courtyard and ramp. The hall will be fully accessible with suitable access ramps and accessible toilets. The hall will also be fitted out to ensure it is acoustically sound inside and out. The hall will respect the existing hall while ensuring it will be fit for purpose in the future. The Menangle Community Hall project will construct a new state-of-the-art modern building.