I’m an Associate Professor of English at the University of Mississippi, where I work on 20th and 21st century British and Anglophone literature and media studies, with an emphasis on the intersections of literature and radio in mid-century Britain.


  • Ph.D., English, McGill University (2013)

  • M.A., English, McGill University (2007)

  • B.A., English, University of British Columbia (2001)

Other Publications


  • Writing the Radio War: Literature, Politics and the BBC, 1939-1945 (Edinburgh University Press, 2018)

  • The Edinburgh Companion to Modernism and Technology, ed. with Alex Goody (Edinburgh University Press, 2022)

  • “Radio Cultures of the Global South”. Special issue of The Global South, vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 2022)

  • Dubliners, by James Joyce. New edition for the Norton Library (forthcoming 2023)

  • “‘The Re-Tuning of the World Itself’: Irish Poetry on the Radio.” Invited submission to Technologies in/of Irish Literature, ed. Margaret Kelleher and James O’Sullivan, Cambridge University Press, 2023.

  • “‘Hypocrite Auditeur, Mon Semblable, Mon Frère’: Literature and the Borders of the Radio Public,” A History of 1930s British Literature, ed. Benjamin Kohlmann and Matthew Taunton, Cambridge University Press (2019).

  • “Sounding Irish Radio at Midcentury” (review essay), Modernism/modernity, 24, no. 2, April 2017, pp. 399-403.

  • “‘A Rather Ungoverned Bringing Up’: Postwar Resistance and Displacement in The World My Wilderness,” Around 1945: Literature, Citizenship, Rights, ed. Allan Hepburn, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016, pp. 48-65.

  • “Archaeologies of Sound: Reconstructing Louis MacNeice’s Wartime Radio Publics,” Modernist Cultures, vol. 10, no. 1, March 2015, pp. 44-61.

  • “Radio Studies and Twentieth Century Literature: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Remediation,” Literature Compass, 11, no. 9, September 2014, pp. 634-648.

  • “The Ethics of Waste in Zoë Wicomb’s You Can’t Get Lost in Cape Town,” Safundi, vol. 14, no. 3, August 2013, pp. 327-44.

Blog Posts


The Selected Wartime Broadcasts of Louis MacNeice (Oxford UP, under contract with expected publication in 2024). Edition of MacNeice’s wartime features and dramas, including Christopher Columbus, Alexander Nevsky, The Stones Cry Out, The Nosebag, Sunbeams in His Hat, and others, with scholarly apparatus.


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Radio Preservation Task Force (affiliated researcher)


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