Isti Marta is a writer and interdisciplinary researcher specializing in Defense, Technology and Political Science/Theories.

Her research revolves around national interests, theories of global power, surveillance system, AI, defense strategy, and political ideology by using Interdisciplinary methodologies which mainly lay under the umbrella of Political Science and its theories.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from President University and continued her research on Defense and Security Studies. Currently, she is doing her MA in Religions in Asia – Africa at the University of Warsaw. Her MA research examines China’s cyberpolitics and deradicalization.

Her research and writing interests revolve around; cybersecurity, International Security, Artificial Intelligence and automation, political science, institutionalization, international relations, religion studies, theology, political ideologies, theoretical psychoanalysis, defense/military strategies, maritime security, Indo-Pacific region, China’s defense strategy, Central Europe Geostrategy.

Isti Marta is a National-award winning Debater in Indonesia.

She is one of the national contributing writers for “Multi-perspective in the Indo-Pacific Region” book that was published in 2020. Her article, “The Implementation of Australia’s Maritime Defense Strategy in Response to China’s Military Modernization in the Indo-pacific Region (2013-2016)” published in Asia Pacific Journal in 2018.

Isti Marta is an active contributor in Medium, with her publication named “Political Science and Others” and “Cyberpolitics and Warfare”. In 2021, her article, “Poland-US Defense Relations: The Pursuit of Great Power Politics in Central Europe” was published in Foreign Policy Brief – Armory Reborn Magazine and EJIS.

Isti Marta will continue to pursue interdiscplinary research in between security and political science theories; bridging humanities to social science, analyzing security to its fundamental nature.


Completed Bachelor’s in International Relations – Defense and Security Studies at President University.

MA in Religions in Asia – Africa at University of Warsaw, MA Thesis on Cyberterrorism and deradicalization.


  • Author of “The Implementation of Australia’s Maritime Defense Strategy in Response to China’s Military Modernization in the Indo-Pacific Region (2013-2016)”, published  in Asia Pacific Studies journal UKI, Vol.2, 2018.

  • Chosen author for “Multi Perspectives Review of the Indo-Pacific Region” national-published book.

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