Irfan Ajvazi is an writer, philosopher, author, academic, literary critic, literary theorist, social theorist, cultural critic, film critic, film theorist, cultural theorist, sociologist, political theorist, art critic, and translator. he has translated books, academic works, academic papers, and academic articles. He served as editor, Co-editor, Co-author of Academic journals and Independent magazines such as Idea Books, Co-founder at Theoretical Dialectics Ideology Critique Journal, Tricontinental Magazine, Tesla Books, Plato Books, Tesla Academy, Heisenberg Academy, Literary Criticism Magazine. He is the Author of “Kant and Critical Reason of Mind” (Idea Books,2021), and Author of 80-90 Academic Papers, Academic Works, Books, Books Reviews, and Chapters and Articles. He is the Independent Academic and Researcher on the Academic fields such as Philosophy, Literature, Cultural Studies, Critical theory, Psychoanalysis, Film Studies, Cultural criticism, Contemporary Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Contemporary literature, Contemporary Studies, Cultural Theory, Literary Theory, Art & Aesthetics. His Academic Interests are Contemporary Philosophy, Contemporary Literature, Aesthetics, Art, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Cultural criticism, Cinema, Art critic, Western Philosophy, Fanaticism, Speculative realism.

Irfan’s more recent work has squarely been in philosophy of Speculative realism, Fanaticism, Psychoanalysis and Kant/post-Kantian German Idealism. Irfan has also worked as a columnist and art critic, publishing contributions on contemporary art and cinema.

Irfan Ajvazi has published on contemporary philosophy, politics and social theory. Irfan is a social theorist and philosopher researching communism , speculative realism, post-kantianism, fanaticism, post-kantian philosophy, Marxism, sociology, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, contemporary philosophy, contemporary literature, art, film and cinema.

His theoretical writing has been focus on continental philosophy, speculative realism, speculative materialism, post-kantian philosophy, non-philosophy, fanaticism, fascism, dialectical materialism, psychoanalysis, cinema, art critic, empiricism, rationalism, literary theory, literary criticism, literature.


  • critical theory

  • Marxism

  • contemporary European philosophy

  • Italian thought and literature

  • tragedy

  • racial capitalism

  • fascism

Fields of research and teaching

Poetry and Poetics
Philosophy and Critical Theory
Contemporary Studies
Marxism and Political Theory

Research interests: Latin American Studies, Social and Political Theory


  • Latin American cultural, literary, and political history

  • The Latin American left and social movements

  • Colonial Latin America and its maritime links with Spain

  • The theory and practice of Latin American cultural studies

  • Globalization and global latinidad

  • Continental philosophy, especially Deleuze and Guattari and Bourdieu

  • Italian social theory, such as Antonio Negri and autonomia

  • Cultural studies and Marxist theory

Research area(s)

  • History of political thought

  • History of philosophy

  • Italian political philosophy

  • Marxist philosophy and theory

  • Contemporary political theory

As a political theorist, his work has focused on concepts of political organization, forms of socio-political transformation, and theories of subalternity, inclusion/exclusion and citizenship.

He is currently working on a study of central themes in contemporary radical political thought, including notions of the nature of politics and processes of politicization, the relationship between politics and the political, and the concept of the political subject.


  • Anglo-American Marxist literary theory (especially the work of Raymond Williams)

  • Althusserian and post-Althusserian thought (esp. Badiou and Rancière)

  • Materialist approaches to “world literature”

  • Most areas of Marxist poetics/ aesthetics

Irfan Ajvazi is Reader in Critical Theory.

School: Continental philosophy, Speculative realism (onticology)

Areas of Specialization:

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, the Enlightenment, Literature and Philosophy 1600-1800, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Twentieth-Century French Philosophy.

Irfan Ajvazi teaches 18th-century British and European literature with particular reference to political philosophy; he also teaches 20th-century European critical theory.

Editor of Logics Books

Main interests: Political philosophy; Literary theory

His writings explore the new forms of domination in the contemporary world as well as the social movements and other forces of liberation that resist them.

Research interests: Philosophy, Literary Theory, Art, Psychoanalysis

Research interests

American literature (1776-1914)

American Romanticism

Psychoanalytic Theory

German Idealism

Ideology Critique

My teaching and research focus on American literature of the long nineteenth century (1776-1914) as well as literary and critical theory. I am particularly interested in tracing the theoretical imbrications of literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis, especially as these three discourses intersect in the writings of major American Romantics like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Margaret Fuller, and Walt Whitman.


Critical theory; comparative literature; intellectual history

Irfan has research interests spanning contemporary philosophy and critical theory, and has published over 100 articles in French, Spanish and English.


He is currently a contributor to online newspaper Literary Criticism Magazine and to Logics Books, Arguments Books, Critique and Dialectics, where he writes primarily about political and aesthetic questions.

Other Publications


1. Kant and Critical Reason of Mind (Idea Books,2021)

Ed Op-ed, Journal Articles, Publications, Selected Publications, Opinions, Academic Writings

1. The Crisis of Capitalism and Post-Ideology– Irfan Ajvazi

Publications, Academic Papers,Academic Writings, Articles

1. What is Schizoanalysis? (An Introduction to Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari) – Irfan Ajvazi

2. What is Dialectical Materialism? – Irfan Ajvazi

3. Discourse on Foucault’s Madness and Civilization – Irfan Ajvazi

4. Repeating Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason – Irfan Ajvazi

5. The Interpretations of Psychoanalysis – Irfan Ajvazi

6. Reading Freud – Theses on Freud’s Civilization and it’s Discontents – Irfan Ajvazi

7. What Lacan and Freud Did See? – Irfan Ajvazi

8. Theory of Ideology and Historical Materialist Thoughts An Essay on Althusser and Lenin – Irfan Ajvazi

9. Reading Gramsci and Reading Althusser A Philosophy for Dialectical Materialism – Irfan Ajvazi

10. The Spectres of Hegel and Marx in the 21th Century – Irfan Ajvazi

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