Irene Carstairs is an independent scholar focusing on medieval Georgia, and particular on the reign of Tamar the Great.


Utah Valley University, 2017


“Like an Anvil”: The Language of the Kartlis Tskhovreba and Tamar the Great

Team Queens Blog, July 15, 2021



“Tamar the Great: A Biography”

Team Queens Blog, April 22, 2021



“The Promise of the Sleeping King: Wenceslaus I and Marko Kraljevic”

Medieval Magazine, Magic, Myth, and Legend, Issue 139, October 2020


“Fit for High Positions: Wallada Bint Al-Mustakfi”

Medieval Magazine, Medieval Women Writing, Issue 134, April 2020


“Sodomy, Consanguinity, and Sexual Heresy in Medieval Europe”

Whores of Yore Blog, February 12, 2020



“The Worst Kind of Monk” 

Medieval Magazine, Medieval Communities, Issue 131, January 2020


“The Three Augustas of Constantine IX”


Medieval Magazine, Byzantium, Issue 126, July 2019


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