• The main aim of the research paper is to unfold the path of Intellectual property rights and communicate as to how these trade secrets play pivotal
    role in competitive world. It focuses on various Intellectual property such as trade secrets, Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Design and Geographical
    Indications within the context of legal picture as to how these matters dealt with IPR awareness, legal Remedies on infringement of these rights. Where
    in various authorities like Copyright board, Patent office and others comes in to picture. Also the paper deals with matter pertaining to assignment and
    usage of classes of work by the author/ owner. The empirical study on various Anti- competitive tactics used to destroy market in IP sectors and the paper deals with as to how these reflect on Institutions, Industries, Businesses etc.

    Keywords: Intellectual property rights, Trade secrets, Geographical Indication, Trademarks, Patents, Design, Anti-competition, Infringement.