• Ian Wilson deposited Ezekiel as a Written Text: Archiving Visions, Remembering Futures in the group Group logo of AnthropologyAnthropology on Humanities Commons 2 years, 10 months ago

    This chapter focuses on Ezekiel as a text, i.e., a collection of writings meant to be read again and again. As a text, it presents a range of ideas in dialogue with one another—and sometimes in tension—thus providing ample space for continual discussion and reinterpretation of its ideas among its original communities of readers in antiquity. Ezekiel would have functioned as a kind of archive of speech and vision—an idea that challenges commonly held notions of prophetic literature’s function and understandings of its generic intersections with other Judean texts in antiquity. As a written text, Ezekiel would have stood as an organized resource for thinking about the past, and about divine communication in and through that past, in an open-ended way that left room for future possibilities.