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From year 2000 to present, I am a faculty member of the Business Administration Department, Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, Far Eastern University, Manila with the rank of Professor I.


My previous work experiences before joining the academe span a period of ten years as chairman of the board of a Christian school, corporate planning officer of a holding company, technical assistant of one of the biggest rural banks in the Philippines, and extension sales staff of the biggest Christian bookseller in the Philippines.



Master in Business Administration

Master of Arts in Christian Education

Doctor of Education

Bachelor of Laws

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I have research articles published in various international and refereed journals and I am a published author of an inspirational book, which entitled “Wishes and Whispers for the Heart and Soul”.

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    I am a Fellow at the Global Research Institute for Business Academics. My membership in some international organizations includes among others: The International Academic Forum (IAFOR, (MN 9802)); Mixed Methods International Research Association (Member, Level 3); and as Founder, Filipino Family Entrepreneurship.

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