• Since the Intifada of 2000, living conditions in the Gaza Strip have progressively deteriorated, and when Hamas came to power in 2006–07, a complete blockade was enforced on the inhabitants by Egypt and Israel. In addition, five full-scale wars have been
    waged on the Strip. Despite these conditions, Gazans remain resilient, as evidenced by several recent cultural productions. This
    article analyses a number of films that endeavour to show the human face of Gaza; and the way in which, amidst the ruins,
    Gazans construct a semblance of normal life. Films directed by Hany Abu-Assad, Rashid Masharawi, Arab/Tarzan Nasser, and
    Susan Youssef illustrate the hardships Gazans endure, but also navigate the complexity of their situation, allowing individual and
    communal stories to emerge. Abject reality and violence become secondary, as the protagonists are reconstituted in a way that
    challenges the confinement and politics of the territory.