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    Mark Twain in German-Language Newspapers
    Mark Twain in German Newspapers is a project focused on collecting, cataloging, and annotating German language newspaper articles relating to the life and works of the writer and humorist Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) that were published during his lifetime.

    Mark Twain’s Work in German Translations
    This project attempts to establish an online bibliography of German translations of Mark Twain’s writings. The bibliography was compiled using the data of four different Mark Twain bibliographies and converting them into a format that is easily searchable by title, year of publication, publisher, translator, and (if applicable) illustrator.
    Although this database is currently not a comprehensive list of the entirety of Twain translations into the German language, it attempts to provide a starting point for further research and investigation into the topic.


    Mark Twain Circle of America
    Stephen Crane Society
    Jack London Society
    American Humor Studies Association
    International Society for Humor Studies
    German Association for American Studies

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