I am Hichem Bahloul, an Algerian researcher in history, professor of modern and contemporary, and former at the University of August 20, 1955 in Skikda.

currently working as an assistant professor at Emir Abdelkader University of Islamic Sciences in Constantine, Algeria


High school diploma: Humanities Division

holds a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Sciences with a specialization in Islamic History

obtained a master’s degree in the history of the countryside and the desert in Algeria, exactly in the Ottoman period in Algeria

I got my PhD in local history in Algeria during the colonial period


Translation of the book William Kelleher Story Writing History Student GUID. From English to Arabic.

And another in print, the journey south of Algeria during the Ottoman period


Translating Anglo-Saxon books rooted in historical research methods, and translating them from English into Arabic. I also work on the international press as it is an important source of history. I have a second project represented in the investigation of Arabic manuscripts related to the local history of Algeria at the end of the Ottoman period and the beginning of the colonial period in Algeria.

In the process of writing a book that tells the story of the struggle of the American artist Gloria de Herrera in the Algerian national movement


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