I am a returning student in Social Work (MSW). I am working to transition out of being an Associate Professor of English at Delta College where I teach marginalizations  and social problems through the lens of language and power and the power of language.
My newest research interests are data visualizations for the benefit of improving Mental Health outcomes for marginalized people, narrative life histories as therapeutic intervention, social work education and social justice work, and adventure, experience and outdoor therapy modalities. As such, I am doing everything I can to become more adept at navigating and impacting digital spaces.


M.A. English Language and Literature – Central Michigan University (2003)

Thesis: Basic Writing Beyond the Errors: A Study of Basic Writing Portfolios

Literature: “The Maturation of Representation: Irish Drama”

B.A. Creative Writing and Critical Theory – Michigan State University (1999)


“The Indictment” in Really System (January 20, 2017 edition)

Strike Through (Chapbook 2016)

The Body: A Burden too Heavy to Hold (Chapbook 2015)

After Ferguson (Mourning Glory Publishing 2015)

Sweet Cyanide Center (Chapbook 2014)

Thank You (Chapbook 2013)

Collection (Binge Press 2009)

Bad Dog Behaviour (Chapbook 2007)


Graduate Adventure Therapy and Counseling “Urban” intensive faculty at Prescott College – Where the Mythos meets the road — Radical Self-Awareness in the Helping Professions Prescott, AZ (January 2019)


Keynote – Radical Self-Awareness in the Helping Professions, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ (January 2019)


“Intersectionality — A Primer,” Association for Experiential Education – Montreal, QC, CA(November 2017)


“Pools, Parks, and Prohibitions: Undoing the History of Exclusion,” Association for Experiential Education – Minneapolis, MN(November 2016)


Community College Master Teachers Institute at the University of Washington-Seattle (July 2016)


Community College Master Teachers Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (June 2016)


“Deliberative Democracy in the Community College,” Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting (with inaugural cohort of the Kettering-Center for the Study of Community Colleges – June 2016)


“Making the Implicit, Explicit. Again,” Transitions and Transactions III – Borough of Manhattan Community College (With Joseph Lewis – April 2016)


“Diversity is an Inside Job,” Association for Experiential Education – Portland, OR (October 2015)


“Teacher/Writers: Retaining our creative lives,” (facilitator) Michigan English Association State Meeting – Davenport University-Grand Rapids (October 2015)


“Re-Embodied Cognition in the Community College Classroom,” Equity in the Classroom Conference – University of Michigan (April 2015)


“Re-Embodied Cognition and Experiential Education,” Association for Experiential Education – Chattanooga, TN(November 2014)


“Re-Embodied Cognition for Women Worldwide,” Women’s World Congress – Hyderabad, India (August 2014)


“Making the Implicit, Explicit,” Transitions and Transactions II – Borough of Manhattan Community College (With Joseph Lewis – April 2014)


“Privilege,” Equity in the Classroom Conference – Saginaw Valley State University (March 2014)


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