• Helen Bones deposited Accident or Desire? Linked Archives and the Trans-Tasman Literary Scene on Humanities Commons 2 years, 9 months ago

    The early twentieth-century Tasman world (Australia and New Zealand) was a site of literary collaboration and cross-pollination, which has been under-appreciated. As well as there being little scholarship on the subject, histories of publishing and the book trade have largely been written within national frameworks, and even the documentary evidence conspires against understandings of transnational literary networks. This paper discusses the use of digital ‘Linked Archives’ technology to capture, visualise and analyse trans-Tasman literary correspondence networks in the mid-twentieth century. It explains how this approach will help to understand the operations and influences of the Tasman writing world, as well as exploring the significance of the work of Australasian writers, editors and publishers outside of their national spheres. This research is an example of data-rich digital techniques being applied to literary and publishing archives on a cross-institutional and transnational basis to advance knowledge of the operations of the international book trade.