Héctor Pittman Villarreal is a respected lawyer from Peru with multiple legal training and a wide career in different areas of his field. He takes part in a good amount of projects aimed at opening doors to scientific knowledge, which are edited and published in places like Brasil, Italy, Spain and more.


Among them all, I Vardande was a personal project he founded, and counted with the technical support of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Pittman Villarreal was the main editor and managing Director. The purpose was to disseminate information about legal semiotics and phenomenology of law. This journal is no longer being published, but the original articles can be found on the websites Textos PUCP and Acuedi.


Added to this, other projects like Semazon and Civic Practices are responsible for gathering information about semiotics publications and collaborative urbanism, respectively. Pittman Villarreal belongs to the Steering Committee of Semazon and he was a member of the Civic Practices review team. It is important to highlight that Civic Practices has a free access ebook version, offering to the public more than 50 cases to promote collective intelligence and communities of practices in civic design.


Another interesting project is Pedagogia da Autonomia, a series of videos directed by André Azevedo da Fonseca that explain the basic concepts of Paulo Freire’s thought with an easy language for any student, professor and interested public. Pittman Villarreal is one of its executive producers.


I Vardande and Civic Practices have both a Creative Commons license, as well as the new diffusion project edited in his natal country, Miradas a una fenomenología subyacente, where Pittman Villarreal publishes summaries of many bibliographic reviews for all the legal researchers.



Héctor Pittman Villarreal earned his degree in Law (1998) at the Pontifical Catholics University of Peru.


Look at the scientific articles he edited in the journal I Vardande.

Blog Posts


Héctor Pittman Villarreal has launched in July 2017 a blog named Miradas a una fenomenología subyacente (Looks at an underlying Phenomenology). It publishes summaries of reviews dealing with phenomenological studies whose relevance for Law is noticed by young thinkers in Spanish America.

In addition, Héctor Pittman Villarreal will premiere in August 2019 the serial narrative fiction La abolición de las leyes (The abolition of laws), a story based on real events about acts of corruption in Peruvian arbitration. This project is within the framework of relations between Law and Literary Arts.


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