Deep readings of important political and ethical texts of the western tradition reveal an abiding tension between the city and political philosophy. Perhaps nothing could be more true than what is written about this tension within the Platonic and Aristotelian corpora. Yet it did not cease with the ancient Greeks but persisted throughout history, even emerging once again during the Golden Age of Islam under Harun Al-Rashid. Thus, my interests pertain to a further investigation of this tension within the context of Islamic and Jewish political philosophy: two traditions that advanced, preserved, and perpetuated many core tenets extant in the corpora of Plato and Aristotle. Given that this is an immense topic, I will initially focus on Al-Farabi’s political writings, desiring to make additional inferences that connect not only with Plato and Aristotle but also with the political philosophers of modernity.


MA in Political Philosophy and Politics, University of Dallas 2019-2021

MA in Classics, Texas Tech University 2013-2015

BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic, Brigham Young University 2008-2010

AA in General Studies, Brigham Young University-Idaho 2006-2008

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    The Two Sides of Magnanimity: The Heroic and Prudential Great-Souled Men, Plato and Aristotle IPS Colloquium at the University of Dallas, February 12, 2022.

    Hobbes’s Proof-texting For Power: The Prophet Samuel’s Undermining of the Sovereign, Hobbes and Rousseau IPS Colloquium at the University of Dallas, September 12, 2020.


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