In keeping with his research and teaching interests, Hamish Cameron is an itinerant historian hailing from a far-flung colony of a former empire. Thematically, he studies movement, borderlands, networks, geography and imperialism. Geographically, he explores the Eastern Mediterranean, Southwest Asia/the Near East and Rome. Chronologically, he investigates the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Philologically, he enjoys cultural allusions and tricola. No, tetracola… Wait, I’ll come in again…

Hamish received his PhD in Classics from the University of Southern California in 2014 where he wrote a dissertation examining the representation of “Mesopotamia” as a borderland in Imperial Roman geographic writing of the first four centuries CE. His monograph on the subject has now been published: Making Mesopotamia: Geography and Empire in a Romano-Iranian Borderland (Brill 2019). He received his MA from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2006 with a thesis on the arrival of Roman power in Cilicia. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology (2011) from the USC Spatial Sciences Institute. He has participated in two survey seasons in Greece and in specialist conferences on digital geography, borderlands, networks, religion, and Cilicia.

Hamish has taught classes in History and Classical Languages dealing with topics from the Bronze Age to the Information Age. He is interested in the applied methodologies of digital humanities, especially digital geography, the digital dissemination of academic information, and the pedagogy of tabletop games. He also designs boardgames and roleplaying games.


University of Southern California (GIS Cert 2011; PhD 2014).

University of Canterbury (BA (Hons) 2003; MA 2006).



Making Mesopotamia: Geography and Empire in a Romano-Iranian Borderland. (Brill, 2019).

Chapters and Articles

“Case Study: Shadowrun” in McFarlane, Murphy, and Schmeink (forthcoming), The Routledge Companion to Cyberpunk Culture.

“Founder of Babylon and Master of Asia: Semiramis in Strabo’s Geography.” forthcoming in AHB 33.3-4 (2019).

“The Presentation of Migration and Mobility in Strabo’s Mesopotamia” in Yoo, Zerbini and Barron (2018), Migration and Migrant Identities in the Near East from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (Routledge).

“A Mobile People? Sallust’s presentation of the Numidians and their Manner of Fighting” (with Victor Parker), La Parola del Passato 60 (2005), pp.33-57.


Cameron on Two Sourcebooks: Gary Forsyth, Primary Sources for Ancient History and Dolansky, F. and S. Raucci, eds. Rome. A Source Book of the Ancient CityAncient History Bulletin 8 (2018).

Cameron on Roller, A Historical and Topographical Guide to the Geography of Strabo” (Oct 2018) Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

“Cameron on Barker, Bouzarovski, Pelling, and Isaksen, eds., New Worlds from Old Texts: Revisiting Ancient Space and Place.” New England Classical Journal 44.3 (2017)

Cameron on Bianchetti, Cataudella and Gehrke, Brill’s Companion to Ancient GeographyClassical Review 67.2 (2017).

Cameron on Greg Fisher (ed.), Arabs and Empires before Islam” (August 2016) Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

Cameron on Howe, Garvin and Wrightson, Greece, Macedon and Persia” (April 2016) Classical Journal Online.

Workshops, Roundtables, Seminars, Professional Development Publications.

Critical Digital Classics Pedagogy (Workshop (with Amy Pistone), CAMWS Annual Meeting, April 2019, Lincoln, NE)

Gaming and Classics (Roundtable, SCS Annual Meeting, January 2019, San Diego, CA)

3D Modeling for Digital Humanities using SketchUp (CRC Brown Bag Workshop, Brown Bag Workshop, Oct 2017)

Our Connected Past (Bates Classical and Medieval Studies Seminar Series, 2017)

Digital Footnotes for Scholarly Communication” (with Hannah Čulík-Baird), Society for Classical Studies Guest Blogs (December 2016).


“Founder of Babylon and Master of Asia: Semiramis in Strabo’s Geography” (Accepted pending corrections)

Paper on Strabo’s Stoicism

Digital Dura

Chapter on the Roman end of the Silk Road

Paper on Gaming Pedagogy

Papers on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Paper on Space in Tacitus


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