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    ICDHAN2021 is a hybrid of ‘virtual’ online and in-person participation, thus we encourage individual submission of full or short papers as well as group paper proposals. Your submission could either be in English or French. Here is the procedure to submit your abstracts/proposals:
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Yohanna Joseph Waliya is a Nigerian digital poet, distant writer, novelist, playwright, winner of the Janusz Korczak Prize for Global South 2020, Electronic Literature Organization Research Fellow and UNESCO Janusz Korczak Fellow . He writes in English and French. Among his works are : La révolte de vie (play), Monde 2.0 (play), Hégémonie Disparue (novel), Quand l’Afrique se lèvera (novel), Homosalus (digital poetry), Momenta (digital poetry), @TinyKorczak (Twitterbot-poetry), Climatophosis (digital poetry) etc.. He’s also Graduate Assistant at the Department of Modern Languages and Translation Studies, University of Calabar as well as a M.A. French student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. His research interests cover distant writing, Digital Poetry, Twitterbot-poetry, Twitterature, language discourse etc.


2011-2014: B.A. Modern Languages, University of Calabar.

2008-2010: B.A. Religion Studies, NationsUniversity

Other Publications

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. “Botification of the Twitterary Protest Poetry: @Protestitas’ Protestitas.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 22, 2020. doi:10.20415/hyp/022.r07

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. “Digital Knowledge Integration (DKI): When Transhumanism (H+)
Meets Digital Humanities (DH)”. International Journal of Pedagogy, Innovation and New
Technologies (IJPINT) 7.1 (2020): 39-49. DOI:10.5604/01.3001.0014.4456

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. “Digital Activism & Botification of Janusz korczak’s Concepts
in “Twitterature.”” What would Korczak do?: Refections on Education, Well-being and Children’s Rights in the Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Ed. Odrowaz-Coates, Anna. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej, 2020. 21-40. UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair’s book series

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. “Musicolinguistics: Deciphering the Nigerian Hip-Hop Music: Cryptolect.” Language, Discourse & Society (LD&S), 7.1 (2019): 43-57.

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph** and Wilson-Ama’Echefu, Karen M*. “Niger: Modern and Contemporary Performance Practice.” The SAGE International Encyclopaedia of Music and Culture. Ed. Janet Sturman. Thousand Oaks, SAGE Publications, Inc., 2019. 1585-1587. Doi: 10.4135/9781483317731.n521.

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. « « C’est tout bon ! » de Corinne Albaut comme poésie
numérique : Relation entre le texte et l’image ». Ndụñọde: Calabar Journal of the
Humanities 13.1 (2018): 126-141.

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. “Calabar lesbian cryptic languages.” Symbolic violence in socioeducational contexts. A post-colonial critique. Ed. Odrowaz-Coates A, et Goswami S. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej, 2017. 112-126.

Waliya, Yohanna Joseph. « Contrastive study of the trend of metamorphosis of political
activism using theatre in the twentieth and twenty-first century. » International Journal of Pedagogy, Innovation and New Technologies (IJPINT) 4.1 (2017): 80-86. DOI:10.5604/01.3001.0010.4988


Short Novel (Ekang), Technolingualism and Multilingualism on The Web 3.0: A Case Study of the Usbek et Rica Blog


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