Hasan Baran Fırat studied Mechanical Engineering in Yıldız Technical University and completed his Master’s Degree in the same university’s Architecture Department in 2015; thesis on “Evaluation of the Mevlevi Lodge’s Acoustic Properties: Mevlevi Lodges of Istanbul”. Since 2017, he is a doctoral student at the Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Architecture, Industrial Design and Cultural Heritage program. He is writing his dissertation on historical soundscape reconstructions through immersive virtual reality, supervised by Prof. Luigi Maffei and Prof. Massimiliano Masullo

Baran worked in different fields of music production such as recording and acoustic design. He participated in several musicology studies and currently, he is one of editors in anakronik which is an e-magazine for Ottoman-Turkish music critics. He is pursuing his studies on cultural sound heritage and urban musicology with a focus on early modern Naples and Istanbul.

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