I’m working on a project currently titled “Reimagining Paul: Apostolic Portraits of Masculinity” that will build on my recently completed doctoral research to explore the complexity of Paul’s self-presentation with respect to gender. Paul’s disabled (2 Cor 10:10, 12:7b–10, Gal 4:13–15), marked (Phil 3:5, Gal 6:17), enslaved (Gal 1:10, Phil 1:1, Rom 1:1, 1 Cor 9:19, 2 Cor 4:5), and maternal (1 Thess 2:7b–8, 1 Cor 3:1–3, Gal 4:19) body is not commonly found in visual representations of the apostle. What might it mean for conceptions of masculinity to visualise these Pauline themes and remember Paul in ways that resist more prominent depictions of him as convert, preacher, and letter-writer?

Through this project, I will commission visual depictions of Paul corresponding to the themes above, to be staged as a public exhibition in the summer of 2022. The exhibition will explore the questions above and be accompanied by a series of public lectures, aiming to facilitate dialogue between the academy and the Church on the topic of biblical and contemporary masculinities.

You can read more about my PhD thesis—entitled “Becoming a Man: Un/Manly Self-Presentation in the Pauline Epistles”—here. I’m interested in gender criticism of Paul’s letters, as well as the New Testament generally, the reception of biblical texts in film, and eco-hermeneutics.

I am also a co-host on The Two Cities podcast, which explores the intersection between theology and culture, and talk a bit about my doctoral research on this episode.


PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College London (2021)

MA in Biblical Studies: Language and Literature, King’s College London (2013)

BA in Theology, King’s College London (2012)


Journal articles

  • Grace Emmett, “The Apostle Paul’s Maternal Masculinity”, Journal of Early Christian History, 11.1 (2021).

  • Grace Emmett, “‘You Weakened Him’: Jesus’s Masculinity in Mary Magdalene”, Religion and Gender, 10.1 (2020), 97–117 available Open Access here.

Blog posts

Blog Posts


    • Co-organiser of ‘(De)Constructing Masculinity: Manifestations of Maleness, Male Sexuality, and the Male Body in Greco-Roman Antiquity’. A write-up of the conference is available here.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    • “Re-forming Romans 8: First Reformed and Reversing the (Eco)Hermeneutical Flow”, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Bible & Film unit), November 2021

    • Title TBC, SIIBS research seminar, 9th May 2022

    Previous conference papers:

    • “Becoming a Pauline Scholar: Masculinity Studies and ‘Proper’ Pauline Studies”, British New Testament Society Conference (Paul session), August 2021

    • “Becoming a Man: Paul and Masculinity Studies”, King’s College London Biblical Studies Research Seminar, 17th February 2021

    • (With Hannah Burke-Tomlinson) “Paul and Propertius: Appropriating the ‘Weaker Voice’ through Servile Self-Presentations”, British New Testament Conference, Liverpool, September 2019.

    • “‘You Weakened Him’: Jesus’s Masculinity in Mary Magdalene”, British New Testament Conference, Maynooth, September 2018.


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