I recently completed my PhD thesis (at King’s College London) on Paul and masculinity. I’m interested in gender-critical approaches to Paul’s letters, the New Testament generally, the reception of biblical texts in film, and analysis of contemporary Christian men’s movements.

My PhD thesis—entitled ‘Becoming a Man: Un/Manly Self-Presentation in the Pauline Epistles—looks at four different modes of self-presentation in Paul’s letters and asks how these can be read through the lens of masculinity studies. Considering his disclosure of bodily weakness/es, dubious ‘marks’ (circumcision and stigmata), self-professed enslavement to Christ and those he leads, as well as his maternal personas, I highlight the complex manner in which Paul’s masculinity is constructed. Turning Paul’s claim in 1 Cor 13:11 to have ‘become a man’ into a question, I ask: how does Paul become a man exactly? And who else agrees that he has successfully become one?

I am also a co-host on The Two Cities podcast, which explores the intersection between theology and culture.


PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College London (2021)

MA in Biblical Studies: Language and Literature, King’s College London (2013)

BA in Theology, King’s College London (2012)


Journal articles

  • Grace Emmett, ‘The Apostle Paul’s Maternal Masculinity’, Journal of Early Christian History (forthcoming)

  • Grace Emmett, ‘”You Weakened Him”: Jesus’s Masculinity in Mary Magdalene’, Religion and Gender, 10.1 (2020), 97–117 available Open Access here



  • Co-organiser of ‘(De)Constructing Masculinity: Manifestations of Maleness, Male Sexuality, and the Male Body in Greco-Roman Antiquity’. A write-up of the conference is available here.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

  • ‘Paul, the Lovesick Apostle’, International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Paul & Pauline Literature unit), July 2021

  • ‘Becoming a Pauline Scholar: Masculinity Studies and “Proper” Pauline Studies’, British New Testament Society Conference (Paul session), August 2021

  • ‘Re-forming Romans 8: First Reformed and Reversing the (Eco)Hermeneutical Flow’, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Bible & Film unit), November 2021

Previous conference papers:

  • ‘Becoming a Man: Paul and Masculinity Studies’, King’s College London Biblical Studies Research Seminar, 17th February 2021

  • Grace Emmett and Hannah-Burke Tomlinson, ‘Paul and Propertius: Appropriating the “Weaker Voice” through Servile Self-Presentations’ (paper presented at the British New Testament Conference, Liverpool, September 2019)

  • Grace Emmett, ‘”You Weakened Him”: Jesus’s Masculinity in Mary Magdalene’ (paper presented at the British New Testament Conference, Maynooth, September 2018)


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