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    This digital book is a companion to Of Sunken Islands and Pestilence: Restoring the Voice of Edward Taylor Fletcher to Nineteenth-Century Canadian Literature. It is intended as an aid to readers, in particular students and scholars, who wish to know more about Fletcher’s works. The ideas that drove Fletcher’s creative works are on display here, but they are not in the form of memoir, travel writings, or poetry — instead, these are the critical writings of an amateur scholar and professional surveyor. They frequently fall into the philological habits of the nineteenth century, and they do not generally “tell a story” as do the creative works that comprise Of Sunken Islands and Pestilence. However, many of these non-fiction essays relate directly to Fletcher’s creative writing, such as his “The Lost Island of Atlantis” to his long poem The Lost Island. Likewise, for scholarly interest, the works collected here reveal the readings Fletcher gestures to in his creative works: gestures that are largely confined to the annotations in Of Sunken Islands and Pestilence but that form his central concerns here.